Admirals (Admiral Markets) Review 2023

  • 9.4

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review summary

Admirals is a global forex and CFD broker, which is regulated by several authorities, including the top-tier FCA and ASIC. Admirals charges low forex CFD fees. Deposit and withdrawal are fast and mostly free, and multiple options are available including credit/debit cards and electronic wallets. Account opening is also fast and user-friendly. On the flip side, the broker has a limited product portfolio as it mostly offers CFDs; although real stocks and ETFs are also available for some clients. Customer support is not available 24/7, and there is also an inactivity fee. BrokerChooser gave Admirals (Admiral Markets) a 4.7/5 rating based on analyzing 500+ criteria and testing via opening a live account.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) is a regulated broker, it is overseen by top-tier financial regulators in multiple countries . Admirals (Admiral Markets) is also covered by investor protection in selected jurisdictions. We at BrokerChooser always test brokers with real money, including the withdrawal process.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) pros and cons

Pros Cons
Low forex CFD fees Product portfolio limited mostly to CFDs
Free and fast deposit and withdrawal Inactivity fee
Straightforward account opening No 24/7 customer service

Admirals (Admiral Markets) main highlights


🗺️ Country of regulationUK, Cyprus, Australia, Estonia, Jordan
💰 Trading fees classLow
💰 Inactivity fee chargedYes
💰 Withdrawal fee amount$0
💰 Minimum deposit$100
🕖 Time to open an account1 days
💳 Deposit with bank cardAvailable
👛 Depositing with electronic walletAvailable
💱 Number of base currencies supported11
🎮 Demo account providedYes
🛍️ Products offeredStock, ETF, Forex, CFD, Crypto
Our overall Interactive Brokers rating
  • 9.4

  • Fees
  • Account opening
  • Deposit and withdrawal
  • Web trading platform
  • Mobile trading platform
  • Desktop trading platform
  • Markets and products
  • Research
  • Customer service
  • Education
Admirals (Admiral Markets) review


Admirals (Admiral Markets) has low trading fees, especially when it comes to forex. On the negative side, it charges an inactivity fee.

Pros Cons
Low trading fees Inactivity fee
No withdrawal fee

Admirals (Admiral Markets) fees snapshot​

AssetsFee levelFee terms
S&P 500 CFDLow
Zero account: $0.15 per lot commission plus spread cost. 0.2 points is the average spread cost during peak trading hours.
Europe 50 CFD
LowThe fees are built into the spread, 1 point is the average spread cost during peak trading hours.
EURUSDLowZero MT4 account: $3.00 commission per lot per trade plus spread cost. 0.1 pips is the average spread cost during peak trading hours.
Inactivity feeLow€10 per month. Only charged if your account balance is greater than zero

How we ranked fees

We ranked Admirals (Admiral Markets)’s fee levels as low, average or high based on how they compare to those of all reviewed brokers.

First, let’s go over some basic terms related to broker fees. What you need to keep an eye on are trading fees and non-trading fees.

  • Trading fees occur when you trade. These can be commissions, spreads, financing rates and conversion fees.
  • Non-trading fees include charges not directly related to trading, like withdrawal fees or inactivity fees.

In the sections below, you will find the most relevant fees of Admirals (Admiral Markets) for each asset class. For example, in the case of forex and stock index trading the most important fees are spreads, commissions and financing rates.

We also compared Admirals (Admiral Markets)’s fees with those of two similar brokers we selected, Tickmill and XM. This selection is based on objective factors such as products offered, client profile, fee structure, etc. See a more detailed rundown of Admirals (Admiral Markets) alternatives.

To have a clear overview of Admirals (Admiral Markets), let’s start with the trading fees.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) trading fees

Admirals (Admiral Markets) trading fees are low.

We know it’s hard to compare trading fees for CFD brokers. So how did we approach the problem of making their fees clear and comparable? We compare brokers by calculating all the fees of a typical trade for selected products.

We have selected popular instruments within each asset class:

  • Stock index CFDs: SPX and EUSTX50
  • Stock CFDs: Apple and Vodafone

A typical trade means buying a leveraged position, holding it for one week and then selling. For the volume, we chose a $2,000 position for the stock index and stock CFDs and $20,000 for the forex transactions. The leverage we used was:

  • 20:1 for stock index CFDs
  • 5:1 for stock CFDs
  • 30:1 for forex

These catch-all benchmark fees include spreads, commissions and financing costs for all brokers. Let’s see the verdict for Admirals (Admiral Markets) fees.

CFD fees

Admirals (Admiral Markets) has generally low CFD trading fees, similarly to their closest competitors.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) CFD fees for a $2,000 long position held for one week

 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
S&P 500 index CFD fee $2.3 $2.6 $2.5
Europe 50 index CFD fee $1.6 $2.2 $3.1
Apple CFD fee $4.6 $6.7
Vodafone CFD fee $12.1 $2.3

Forex fees

Admirals (Admiral Markets) forex fees are low, mainly just like its immediate competitors.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) forex benchmark fees for a $20,000 30:1 long position held for one week
 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
EURUSD benchmark fee $15.1 $12.5 $17.5
GBPUSD benchmark fee $7.8 $7.0 $12.2
AUDUSD benchmark fee $8.5 $9.9 $14.5
EURCHF benchmark fee $8.9 $0.0 $6.3
EURGBP benchmark fee $15.7 $9.0 $15.5

Non-trading fees

Admirals (Admiral Markets) has average non-trading fees. There is no account fee, and no deposit or withdrawal fee for bank transfers or credit card and e-wallet transfers.

However, there is a monthly €10 inactivity fee after one year of inactivity. It’s charged only if the account balance is greater than zero.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) non-trading fees

Admirals (Admiral Markets) Tickmill XM
Account fee No No No
Inactivity fee Yes No Yes
Deposit fee $0 $0 $0
Withdrawal fee $0 $0 $0
Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Account opening

The account opening and verification process is fast and fully digital. The minimum deposit is $100, which is definitely not excessive.

Fully digital 
Low minimum deposit 

What is the minimum deposit at Admirals (Admiral Markets)?

The required Admirals (Admiral Markets) minimum deposit is $100.

Account types

The various account types offered by Admirals differ based on two things: which trading platform is supported and what fee structure is applied.

When it comes to trading platforms, you can choose between MT4 and MT5 accounts, which support the respective MetaTrader trading platforms.

As for fee structure, you have the following options:

  • Trade account: lower or no commission fees but generally higher spreads
  • Zero account: up to $3 per lot commission but generally lower spreads
  • Invest account: it differs from the previous two, as it is only available on MT5 and you can only trade stocks and ETFs

You can also open an Islamic account.

In this review, we tested the Zero.MT4 account.

How to open your account

Admirals’ account opening process is fully digital, fast and straightforward. Filling out the forms and submitting all the documents takes around 30 minutes. Once you’re done, your account will be verified within a day.

  1. Enter your email address and country of residence.
  2. Verify your email
  3. Add some personal information, like your date of birth and address
  4. Answer questions about your employment status, financial situation and trading experience
  5. Verify your identity and address
  6. Finally select your account type

Clients can complete the verification process via a mobile feature, which is quick and convenient. When using this feature, you have to take a photo of your identity and residency documents.

To verify your identity and residency, you have to upload the following documents:
Proof of identity: national ID / passport / driver’s license
Proof of residency: Bank statement / invoice for water, gas, electricity, internet or telephone

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Account opening

Our best alternatives to Admirals (Admiral Markets) are:The highest ranking competitors are:

  1. Tickmill full review
  2. XM full review
  3. AvaTrade full review


Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Deposit and withdrawal

Admirals charges no deposit or withdrawal fees. You can use cards, bank transfer or e-wallets for deposit and withdrawal, but some e-wallet options aren’t available for all clients.

Pros Cons
Credit/Debit card available E-wallet options aren’t available for all customers
Free withdrawal
No deposit fee

Account base currencies

At Admirals (Admiral Markets), you can choose from 11 base currencies, a good selection when compared with similar brokers.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) available base currencies


Base currencies at Admirals (Admiral Markets) vs similar brokers

Admirals (Admiral Markets)
Tickmill XM
Number of base currencies 11 05 10

Why does this matter? For two reasons. If you fund your trading account in the same currency as your bank account or you trade assets in the same currency as your trading account base currency, you don’t have to pay a conversion fee.

A convenient way to save on currency conversion fees is by opening a multi-currency bank account at a digital bank. These usually offer bank accounts in several currencies with great currency exchange rates, as well as free or cheap international bank transfers. Opening an account only takes a few minutes on your phone.

Deposit fees and options

Admirals (Admiral Markets) charges no deposit fees.

There are many deposit options at Admirals. While banks transfer and credit/debit card deposits are available universally, many e-wallet deposit options are only available to clients served by Admiral Markets PTY Ltd. and Admiral Markets UK Ltd.

The following e-wallets are accepted for deposits:

  • Skrill, PayPal, Klarna, Neteller, SafetyPay, AstroPay, Trustly, Rapid Transfer, NganLuong

Admirals (Admiral Markets) deposit options​

 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
Bank transferYesYesYes
Credit/debit cardYesYesYes
Electronic walletsYesYesYes

A bank transfer can take several business days, while payment with a credit/debit card is instant.

You can only deposit money from accounts that are in your name.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Deposit and withdrawal – Deposit

Admirals (Admiral Markets) withdrawal fees and options

Admirals (Admiral Markets) charges no withdrawal fees and offers several methods for withdrawal.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) withdrawal fees and options​
 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
Bank transferYesYesYes
Credit/debit cardYesYesYes
Electronic walletsYesYesYes
Withdrawal fee$0$0$0

How long does it take to withdraw money from Admirals (Admiral Markets)? We tested the credit card withdrawal and it took less than 1 business day.

You can only withdraw money to accounts that are in your name.

How do you withdraw money from Admirals? Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Client Portal.
  • Select ‘Transactions’ then ‘Withdraw’.
  • Choose the withdrawal method.
  • Enter your bank account details or select the credit card you want use.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Initiate the withdrawal.
Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Web trading platform

Admirals uses the MetaTrader web trading platform. It is highly customizable and has a clear fee report, but its design is outdated and it lacks a two-step login and price alerts.

Pros Cons
Clear fee report No two-step (safer) login
Good customizability (for charts, workspace) No price alerts
Order confirmation

Admirals (Admiral Markets) platforms to choose from​

Trading platformScoreAvailable

Admirals doesn’t have its own self-developed web trading platform. It offers two third-party platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. To access these, you first have to log in to your client platform.

We reviewed MetaTrader 4 as it is more widely used.

The web trading platform is available in 37 languages:

Admirals (Admiral Markets) available languages

Look and feel

The MetaTrader web trading platform has great customizability. It is easy to change the size and the position of the tabs.

However, the platform feels outdated and some features are hard to find. For example, it took us a while to figure out how to add an asset to the watchlist.



Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Web trading platform

Login and security

The MetaTrader platform provides only one-step login. Two-step authentication would be more secure. However, you can use two-step authentication to log in to the Admirals client platform.

Search functions

The platform’s search functions are average. You can find the assets grouped into in categories, but we missed the usual search function where you can type the asset’s name manually.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Web trading platform – Search

Placing orders

You can use some of the most basic order types, but you won’t find very sophisticated orders like ‘one-cancels-the-other.’ The following order types are available:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop-loss

If you are not familiar with these order types, read this overview.

There are also order time limits you can use:

  • Good ’til canceled (GTC)
  • Good ’til time (GTT)

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Web trading platform – Order panel

Alerts and notifications

You can’t set alerts and notifications on the MetaTrader 4 web trading platform. This feature is available only on the desktop trading platform.

Portfolio and fee reports

Admirals has clear portfolio and fee reports available on MetaTrader 4 web trading platform. You can easily see your profit-loss balance and the commissions you paid. These reports can be found under the ‘History’ tab, but we didn’t find a way to download them.

You can also find your portfolio reports on the client portal.

Additional features

At Admirals, you can boost your MetaTrader trading experience with StereoTrader or the MetaTrader Supreme Edition.

StereoTrader is a trading panel extension that you can connect to your MT platform, while the Supreme Edition enables you to use a wider range of research tools than the basic platform.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Mobile trading platform

The mobile trading app is well designed and user-friendly, with a good search function and safe login. However, price alerts and some account types are not supported.

Pros Cons
User-friendly No price alerts
Two-step (safer) login Not all account types are supported
Good search function

At Admirals (Admiral Markets), you can use the MetaTrader mobile platform, or the company’s own mobile trading platform, Admirals. We tested the Admirals app.

The platform is available on both iOS and Android, though only in English.

If you prefer the MetaTrader app, you should be aware that you can only use the MT5 platform on the app; meaning that, unfortunately, the Trade.MT4 and Zero.MT4 account types are not supported in this case.

Look and feel

The Admirals (Admiral Markets) mobile trading platform is user-friendly and well designed. We easily found everything we were looking for.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Mobile trading platform

Login and security

Admirals (Admiral Markets) provides a safe two-step login for its mobile platform.

You can also log in using biometric authentication, which is a convenient feature.

Search functions

The search functions are good; you can easily find any instrument you’d like to trade.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Mobile trading platform – Search

Placing orders

You can use the following order types:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop

There are also order time limits you can use:

  • Good ’til canceled (GTC)
  • Good ’til time (GTT)
  • Good till day (GTD)

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Mobile trading platform – Order panel

Alerts and notifications

Unfortunately, you can’t set alerts or notifications on the Admirals mobile platform.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Desktop trading platform

In design and functionality, the MetaTrader 4 desktop platform offered by Admirals is almost the same as the web platform. One major difference is that you can set price alerts.

Pros Cons
Clear fee report No two-step (safer) login
Good customizability (for charts, workspace) Poor design
Price alerts

Admirals (Admiral Markets) offers MetaTrader 4 as a desktop trading platform.

It has the same design, languages, order types (with the addition of Trailing Stop), search functions, and portfolio and fee reports as the web trading platform.

The major difference is that you can set alerts and notifications on the desktop trading platform, in the form of mobile push or email notifications.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Desktop trading platform

Alerts and notifications

You can set alerts and notifications on the desktop trading platform. To set email or mobile notifications, you must add your email address and mobile MetaQuotes ID (you can find it in the MT4 app’s settings). You can add them if you go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’.

Portfolio and fee reports

Admirals has clear portfolio and fee reports available on MetaTrader 4. You can easily see your profit-loss balance and the commissions you paid. These reports can be found under the ‘Account History’ tab. If you want to download them, right click on one position, then choose ‘Save as Detailed Report’.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Markets and products

For most users, Admirals (Admiral Markets) mainly provides forex, CFD and cryptos. For those using the Invest.MT5 account type, it offers real stocks and ETFs as well.

Admirals is primarily a forex and CFD broker. To learn more about CFDs, read our CFD trading tips.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Admirals has a great selection of almost all product classes, especially stock and ETF CFDs. Its forex, commodity, and crypto CFD selection is similar to the competition, whereas futures CFDs are not available.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) product selection

 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
Currency pairs (#)476255
Stock index CFDs (#)432324
Stock CFDs (#)3,252971,261
ETF CFDs (#)372
Commodity CFDs (#)28715
Bond CFDs (#)24
Futures CFDs (#)
Cryptos (#)428

You can change leverage levels at Admirals (Admiral Markets), which is great.

Changing the leverage is a very useful feature when you want to lower the risk of your trade. Always be careful with forex and CFD trading, as preset leverage levels may be too high.

Real stocks and ETFs

Trading real stocks and ETFs is available for clients using an Invest.MT5 account. The stock product selection is average, while the number of available ETFs is relatively low.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) stock and ETF selection
 Admirals (Admiral Markets)TickmillXM
Stock markets (#)113
ETFs (#)192


CopyTrader is a social trading feature. It allows you to pick successful traders and track their trades, which are then translated into real trades in your own broker account.

To gain access to this feature, you have to log in to your trading account and apply for Copy Trading. You must answer a few questions about your trading experience and financial knowledge, after which you can start searching for suitable traders to copy.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review


You can use the research tools of the MT platform, which are not the greatest. As a plus, though, Admirals offers great alternative web tools like a forex calendar and market news.

Pros Cons
Trading ideas Average charting tools
Data on asset fundamentals
Quality news flow

Admirals research tools are available in two locations:

  • the MetaTrader trading platforms
  • the ‘Analytics’ menu on the website

Both are available in multiple languages.

Trading ideas

Admirals (Admiral Markets) provides trading ideas in the form of listing top movers based on daily changes.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Research – Recommendations

Fundamental data

Admirals offers some fundamental data via a forex calendar, where you can filter data by various categories.

In the forex calendar, you can see upcoming events as well. When you select an event, you can read a short explanation and check historical data.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Research – Fundamental data


Admirals has averge charting tools. These charting tools can be found on the MetaTrader trading platforms. You can use 90 technical indicators, along with other technical tools such as trendlines or Fibonacci retracement.

In one drawback, the design is outdated and some features are hard to use. For example, we had difficulty finding out how to remove an indicator from the chart.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Research – Charting

News feed

Admirals offers a great news flow on its ‘Global Market Updates’ and ‘Trading News’ sites. You can find up-to-date info from around the globe.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Research – News

Other research tools you may enjoy

Admirals offers many different analystics tools, like Trading Central (a technical and fundamental analysis tool), Market Heat Map and a lot more.

One of the more interesting features available is Volatility Protection. Using this feature, clients can mitigate risk of unexpected volatility. Some of its key features include limiting the maximum price slippage on market and stop orders, or limiting losses on pending orders that may fall into price gaps.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Customer service

Admirals customer service is available via several channels and is generally good quality. It provides helpful answers, although response times could be improved.

Pros Cons
 Phone support No 24/7 support
Live chat

You can contact Admirals (Admiral Markets) via:

  • live chat
  • phone
  • email

Admirals has a quick live chat; an agent is connected almost immediately. We always got detailed help and relevant answers.

Phone support was helpful and we received detailed answers. The agent also offered to send us information via email. However, sometimes we had to wait a bit longer than ideal before we got connected to an agent.

Email support is helpful. We received useful and to-the-point answers to our enquiries, although in some cases we had to wait for a full day for a reply. We appreciated the fact that they asked for feedback about the quality of customer support.

We missed the 24/7 availability, but overall Admirals has great customer service.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Customer Service

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review


Admirals (Admiral Markets) provides quality educational texts, webinars and videos, while a demo account is also available.

Demo account None
Trading platform tutorial 
Educational videos 

At Admirals (Admiral Markets) you can learn in the following ways:

  • Demo account
  • Platform tutorial videos
  • General educational videos
  • Webinars
  • Quality educational articles
  • Weekly trading potcasts

The platform tutorial and educational videos can be found on Admirals’ YouTube channels – these are available in several local languages.

Admirals offers courses and materials based on your trading experience. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced-level articles.

You can learn through the Forex 101 course, where each lesson consists of a video, written notes and a follow-up quiz. Lessons are available in various difficulty levels for people with different levels of trading experience.

Another uniqe addition is the Weekly Trading Podcast. It’s a few minutes long podcast every week about the latest market news and trends.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review – Education

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review


Admirals is regulated by several financial authorities, including the FCA, the ASIC and CySEC. It also provides negative balance protection. However, it doesn’t hold a banking license.

Pros Cons
Majority of clients belong to a top-tier financial authority Does not hold a banking license
Listed on stock exchange
Negative balance protection

Is Admirals (Admiral Markets) regulated?

Yes, it is regulated by multiple financial authorities, depending on region: the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (EFSA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC). We consider the FCA and the ASIC top-tier regulators.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) is based in Estonia and was founded in 2001.

Is Admirals (Admiral Markets) safe?

To be certain if a brokerage is safe, we highly advise that you check two facts:

  • how you are protected if something goes wrong
  • what the background of the broker is

How you are protected

Admirals operates via different legal entities. This matters because the amount of investor protection you’re eligible for differs from entity to entity.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) investor protection

Country of clientsProtection amountRegulatorLegal entity
Global£85,000Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)Admiral Markets UK Ltd
Estonia, Romania, Czech RepublicNo protectionEstonian Financial Supervision Authority (EFSA)Admiral Markets AS
EEA€20,000Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd
GlobalNo protectionAustralian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)Admiral Markets PTY Ltd
GlobalNo protectionJordan Securities Commission (JSC)Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd

Admirals provides negative balance protection. If the balance on your account goes into negative, you will be protected.


Admirals was established in 2001. The longer track record a broker has, the more proof we have that it has successfully survived previous financial crises.

Admirals parent company, the Admirals Group is listed on the stock exchange, which is a big plus for safety, as Admirals (Admiral Markets) releases financial statements regularly and transparently. These are all great signs for Admirals’ safety.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review

Bottom line

Admirals (Admiral Markets) is a great CFD broker. It is regulated by several financial authorities globally, including the UK’s FCA and Australia’s ASIC.

On the plus side, Admirals’ CFD trading fees are low, while forex fees aren’t high either. We also liked that the deposit and withdrawal process is fast and mostly free. The account opening process is seamless, hassle-free and quick.

Admirals has some drawbacks, though. The product range is mainly limited to CFDs, although real stock and ETF trading is available for one specific account type.

We recommend Admirals for clients interested in forex or CFD trading who want to enjoy great deposit and withdrawal options along with fast account opening. Feel free to test it using a demo account.

Admirals (Admiral Markets) review


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